Investment Focus

UDC Ventures seeks to partner with entrepreneurs, disruptive start-ups and innovative, emerging companies in fields related to our strategic focus areas.

Companies can be at any stage, ranging from pre-commercial stage research and development to early prototypes through late stage, established companies. Our investment can range from seed funding to later stage growth capital. We seek to be impactful strategic investors as opposed to passive or purely financial venture investors.

UDC Ventures is focused on investing in mega-trends that can impact the technology landscape similar to how OLED technology has impacted the broader display market.

What are some of the technology areas we are focused on?

  • OLED technologies
  • Advanced materials and process technologies
  • Organic and printed electronics
  • Complementary display technologies and technologies strategically related to UDC’s core business
  • Next-gen, IP intensive, consumer facing technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Analytics driven, computational chemistry
  • Artificial Intelligence and relevant end market applications
  • Biotech, pharma and life sciences technologies that can leverage UDC’s expertise in materials development, R&D and manufacturing

Importantly, our focus areas are expanding and not contracting. We are always looking for new technology areas where we can utilize Universal Display’s strengths and relationships to provide strategic value to disruptive entities.

What are we looking for in our portfolio companies?

More than just funding, UDC Ventures provides the opportunity to partner with Universal Display Corporation. We seek to provide access to world class experts through our parent company in the areas where we have built a leading global platform including IP licensing, materials development and manufacturing and cross-border customer engagements with CE leaders.  Universal Display’s partners, customers and licensees operate in the U.S., Europe, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Management teams with strong vision and a track record of success
Products or technologies that have established a strong, differentiated IP portfolio or position
Large addressable markets combined with a well-articulated, scalable business model
Strong customer engagement
Synergies with Universal Display’s core competencies in technology, display, materials manufacturing, business model or licensing, so we can add value beyond our capital